NEW Legal Secretarial

About NEW Legal Secretarial

As a Virtual Typist I work from my own office and use my own equipment.  I provide an efficient, confidential service which enables clients to outsource their typing overload without having to pay large agency fees.
The majority of the work I receive and type reaches me via fax, e-mail and telephone but you may also post assignments to me if you prefer, and I am not governed by the normal 9-5 working day.
  • I pay my own tax and National Insurance
  • No need for clients to pay pension contributions, VAT, agency fees, retainers or training
  • No necessity to pay overtime, holiday, maternity or sick pay
  • I can provide short-term cover for sickness, holidays or emergencies
  • I am "on call" during normal working hours
  • I can work weekends and evenings to meet clients' deadlines
  • On-site assistance can be provided if required




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